Blackened Blue – Self-Titled EP | Metal

Another genre within the fandom that needs more love is talented hard rock and metal musicians within the fandom. You have your guys like PrinceWhateverer and Cyril the Wolf. There is so much more out there for everyone to check out. Like this dude from the UK. Fellow colleague Blackened Blue. He put his best hoof forward in his first official EP featuring 5 tracks of pure heavy metal goodness.

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-Dark Secret: A Princess Luna song about her struggles with her demons and the Tantabus. Real Linkin Park vibes here especially with his vocals. Lots of emotions and rage in the instruments.

-If I Were to Fall: A track about Twilight imagining herself she has failed without her friends to be there for her. The melodies and vocals are on par. Showing of a distress princess twilight freaking out with her own battles of self doubt.

-Charging Onward: To put it simply a high energy metal track that is heavily inspired by the series finale of the show. Has a nice solo that adds to the feeling of final showdown with the trio of villains and all of Equestria fighting for its future.

-Falling Away: This is the first metal track I heard someone do of Rarity ever. Putting her over dramatic ways of dealing with her creative mind and feeling trapped within her own responsibilities. A creative way of putting rarities emotions in words and frustration thought metal. It gives off the vibes of a band like Trust Company

-Flight: The final track is about a pegasus who has yet to take flight and feel the wind under its wings. The frustration that comes with watching other peers fly without him. The Melodies really help with the pure wave of emotions of this poor pony.

The self titled EP is a good first start for Blackened. The strongest part of this ep is his vocals. Blackened has a really good voice that really projects the emotions of each tracks. Specially his ability to screamo. If you hear a bit of the late Chester Bennington in his vocal. Your onto something because Blackened was heavily inspired to do music due to The late Linkin Park singer talent. As for the music. All the metal goodness is present with hard rock and metal guitars, drums and vocals. I don’t want to give much away. Pony Metal is good and needs more attention. Metal is so much more than just loud music and angry emotional screamo. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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