Blackened Blue – Falling Away | Metal

More pony metal sure thing! Blackened Blue is back with his 2nd single off his EP,in which you can listen to and read my article here. Has anyone ever tried to make a Metal track about Rarity of all ponies? It hasn’t happened much until now. Falling Away is a throwback to  thelate 90’s Thrash and Nu Metal scenes where bands were trying different things and styles. The take very much reminds me of bands like Trust Company. As I said in my article for the EP. This song is about Rarity being trapped in her workaholic ways with very little time for even a trip to get her hooves done or have a girls day out with the other mane 6 when the world is not about to end!. Her frustrations told through blacknend vocals, her emotions through the power of metal!. It’s such a creative take on Rarity that we all can relate too.  This mare works too hard. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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