Liam King – Lock & Booker Smith | Soundtrack

This piece feels like something straight out of an RPG game. Lock & Booker Smith is a collection of two songs from Liam King’s latest EP, UNCANON:Wasteland. The first half is Lock Smith, a soft orchestral piece that features prominent use of a piano riff with some soft strings accompanied with a visual of a pony standing in a brutal snowstorm. After fading out, Booker’s Fault begins, completely changing up the feel. This half of the piece trades orchestral instruments for brooding electronic sounds. The processed drum beat and dark synths playing in the background gives off the feeling of travelling around in a dank dungeon. Despite their different identities, the tracks fit greatly together!


One thought on “Liam King – Lock & Booker Smith | Soundtrack

  1. Darksoma says:

    Ayo! Not sure how I managed to miss this, but nonetheless, I’m so glad to see my music talked about and shared!

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on any future sharings of my stuff on here!


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