MelodyBrony – Origins | Album | Metal

MelodyBrony burst onto the scene in 2019 and quickly gained attention as both a recording artist and live performer. Early on he achieved several high-profile collaborations and even earned a spot in the BronyCon Superband playing multiple instruments for several performers! Origins is a compilation of 5 collaborations he’s completed in just over a year in the fandom.

(Continued after the break)

1. Origins – the first track shares its name with the EP and is Melody’s most recent hit. Though it’s just a quick song, the metal guitars and powerful drums pop you in the face while CadetRedShirt‘s gorgeous vocals match the energy of the piece.

2. The King may be Melody’s most well known song as well as one of the first. This remastered track features the familiar voice and sound design of Prince Whateverer in a heavy ode to King Sombra. The daunting intro with the scratching guitar and syncopation sets the stage for an edgy, overpowering hit!

3. Trixie is more djenty and features the fandom king of djent – Djohn Mema on vocals. The third song on the EP, this tribute to the showpony who knows a thing about others looking down on her, Djohn delivers a powerful performance both on clean singing and screaming. Melody’s heavy breakdown caps off another fantastic hit!

4. The most pop-rock piece on the album features the brilliant mixing and guitar talents of 4everfreebrony and the boyish charm of StealingShad3z‘s singing. Best Friends clocks in at a little over 3 minutes, making it the longest song on this album, and it makes the most of the time utilizing moving guitars with special effects that make your ears dance when listening!

5. Finally, This Kingdom comes out the gate strong with a breakdown and Cyril the Wolf‘s powerful operatic growls. His singing is so strong you may overlook how spectacular the drum-work is – featuring insane syncopation with double kicks, mixed to make sure you can feel it!

Origins makes for a quick listen, but it will get you going! Every song is jam-packed full of energy and features incredible guitar-work and drums. Each track features a big fandom personality on vocals as well so there’s something exciting to look forward to in every track!


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