[ASOS] Blackened Blue – Maybe (feat. MC-Arch) | Rap Rock

(A history of Rap and Rock working together, please click here)
Magic by one of its definitions is a verb used when something so wonderful happens it’s just perfect.

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I want to bring you track 19 of ASOS: Brownie. There is rich history within the music community as whole of how hip-hop and rock can work together. Why the genres do work on different elements. There is one thing both have in common. Both genres feed off raw emotion of your songs message for it to work. Aerosmith and RUN-DMC mainstreamed something very special that gave birth to metalcore and nu metal bands that would use hip-hop as a tool to bring some flavor to their music in the late 90’s. Korn, Limp Bizkit and the band that was a master of it, Linkin Park. Rap artists like Ice cube and Ice Tea would throw rock elements, Collabed with these bands, or started their own rock band.

Blackened Blue and MC-Arch’s, First try to bring this to the modern brony music community is a real treat because they nailed it so well here. This track has some haunting metalcore instrumentals with the style of guitars, the drums, like most rock/rap collabs there is a bit of electronica mixing in there as well. Blackends vocals set the tone of emotion of this track. The theme of Alicorn’s coping with their extremely long life spans, or as fandom headcanon goes, that they are immoral, It’s like remembrance only with much darker themes to it. (*I’m an not speaking about Ashley H’s auto drama series here)

MC-Arch rhymes them come in and it hit hard, angry and dark. His talent to really put his emotion in his raps really make this track rich. With blackened composition of the melodies. I want you to listen to this, and to picture as the vocals are sung, Celestia, Luna. Cadence and Twilight all sing with somber tones looking right at you, trying to cope with their struggles. With those struggles comes bottled up emotions that come out like a raging volcano. The scene changes as the tone changes with MC-Arch unleashing his rhymes. Imagine the darker halves of the princesses come out, Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Dark Vine Cadenza and Midnight Sparkle all at once lash out at suppression emotions. It really does seem that way as Blackened told me the theme of this does speak about a alicorn’s struggles of watching what they love die over time as they live on. This song also features MC-Arch’s singing voice, in moments before his final rhyme, the scene shifts back to the princesses talking about the aftermath of everything. It is very tricky to make the genre’s work together, Well done to both men for making this work on their first try. I hope this opens the door for more Rap/Rock collabs in the future in this fandom. This is a standout track on ASOS: Brownie, but please decide for yourself.


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