MC-Arch – You got me, I got us II: Our Brave New World! | Album | Multi-Genre / Audio Drama

BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU! to Blackened Blue for proofreading and editing this article, can’t not be more thankful my friend.
(If you have not checked out the first YGMIGU album, you can do that here. I strongly suggest it for story reasons)

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It’s here at last, the long awaited sequel to one of the best creative works in 2019 within the music community! Arch returns with a vastly larger and better produced album. The vast and devise genres in music, a mix of his talents of his rhymes and his beautiful vocals are showcased here. His passion for this fandom and its characters continue on with this album, bringing more of the characters we love into the story that builds on the last album – the story of how powerful family and friendship still is; this will draw you to this album as you notice how well all the songs and the voice acting scenes give each other greater meaning. Past tracks that were released over time on various comp albums over 2019 now get their true meaning to the story. The production is improved from the last album with Arch going big on the audio drama side of the album. As always, my man has a deeper meaning to his work when you read between the lines and hear the music and acting. That passion for this fandom, the inspiring and powerful messages that yet again – and this time quite literally – goes beyond Equestria. The reality for Realfeeler’s actions for his family and his friends comes smashing hard into his life, and how it affects not only them but himself. Deep secrets come to light: who the real villain is isn’t always clear and loyalties are tested. Arch, as he always does, brings in the characters of the show with his own interesting take on them like the roles of Grubber and legendary MLP villain Grogar that are sure to catch you off guard and keep you listening. I’ve said enough here to catch your eye. haven’t I? Arch always has the help of some of fandom’s best talent to tell the story, such as the talents of Koron Korak, Namii, SoftieShy, TCB, Shobieshy, Tw3lv3, Retronax, Blackened Blue, Rubber, Nicky-D, LorrisLeHorse, AgeOfVinyl, Drummershy, Agatan, SamQuakBrony and Jalmaan.

The album features an awesome voice cast that aids MC-Arch in telling the narrative then fuses the voice acting with the music for the full package, with returning talents and some new blood to the mix.

Dawillstanator as Discord
-StealingShadez as Soarin & Grubber
Brittney Ackerman as Rainbow Dash
-FlitterKriz as The A.T.N.C & Background VA
-Agatan as Real’s Brother
-Stallionslaughter as The Storm King & Background VA
The Voice Bard as Background VA
Marisa Duran as Background VA
-MysGenesis as Background VA
-Bolt as Background VA
-JazzyTyfighter as Background VA
Mindscape as Grogar
-MC-Arch as Realfeeler:
AnimeBlueGirl as: Fluttershy:
DarknightPrincess as Twilight Sparkle:
Fluttershy1124 as Applejack:
-Drummershy as Background VA
-Meg TheLovableDork as: Pinkie Pie & Rarity
-YOKAI as Background VA:
-TyriustheVA as Ezekia
-And Mistmane

  1. YGMIGU – The Series – The Official Theme feat. Koron Korak | Orchestral

Here we go again, new things and ideas from MC-Arch. We open this long awaited album with Arch’s first attempt at making an orchestral score; you get the idea right off the bat by how emotional and mythical the composition is of this track, that Arch has strongly hinted what drives this album. Through all the war and chaos, the love for your family, your friends and what you fight for is what drives you. The piano and the warmth of the score and the powerful violin of the one and only Koron Korak will give you chills. Arch makes it so clear about how much he values the lessons and values of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. You can close your eyes and see all of Equestria being flown over as this score plays. You see ponies, changelings, dragons, hipogriffs, yaks, giffins, zebras and humans alike all trying to protect this land and are willing to die for it. Such a powerful piece!

  1. Stay with me – Audio drama skit 1 feat. MC-Arch, AnimeBlueGirl

The opening of the story picks up months after the events of YGMIGU. Realfeeler and Fluttershy are having family time with their son who is going to turn one in a few months! They rejoice, but then things get deep as Real and Flutters start to admit some deep feelings about loneliness. For those of you that listened to the first album, we get some answers here about the status of the mane 6 in this universe. Animebluegirl (who is voicing Fluttershy) really sells it about why Real has given her everything she ever wanted, but feels so awkward to admit that she misses her friends so much she feels alone, that she is happy for them making their own lives since they’ve been apart, but she misses sharing things with them. Realfeeler must bring her back to reality with the truth of the matter, along with expressing the things about past and the events of fighting the Storm King; with conviction, the voice acting done by MC-Arch recalls the moment with emotion and that he’s done fighting wars that are not his before making a promise to Flutters about their future. His family means so much to him. This was a nice way to bring us back into the story and show what Realfeeler and Fluttershy truly want together.

  1. MC​-​Arch & SoftieShy – You deserve love​ (feat. Namii & TCB) | R&B and Soul

What a follow-up track to Guardian Angel from the first album! As Arch tells it, this takes place in the realm of dreams with Realfeeler, Fluttershy and their son. R&B music is such a good but rarely used genre in this fandom! The harmonies sung by Namii and the vocals of Solftieshy’s with MC-Arch’s own in unison is such a powerful thing. This track’s message reinforced by TCB’s arrangement is a message of the power of true love and devotion to those you have earned the feeling of their souls, and finding the one person that loves you on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Listen to the lyrics deeply and feel that kind of strength and trust for that partner. Arch is coming in the clutch with some great vocal work using the message of love from MLP to all of us. Beautiful track.

  1. Escalation – Audio drama skit 2 | Feat. MC-Arch, Brittney Ackerman, Stealingshadez, Dawillstanator, TyriustheVA, Darkknightprincess, Agatan, Flitterkriz, AmineBlueGirl.

Just when you think you have things in perspective, life just throws you back into the deep end. Realfeeler and his team, Rainbow Dash, Soarin’ and Ezekia are taken off guard by Real’s brother Agatan and his group’s jarring attitude towards Reals’s actions in the past. As he and the team were having a moment of unity, Real stands by what he had done for humans and ponies alike with some very telling words that feed into what is to come. A moment of normalcy is gone as Real tells his team about Agatan’s past. The scene then switches to Real and Fluttershy out in her animal sanctuary with their son as they speak of what they want for him while sharing a warm moment, when chaos goes into motion as bombs are dropped on Ponyville! Discord luckily shows up to back up and protect Fluttershy and their son. Real, with more questions, goes into action as Twilight orders all of Equestria’s forces to engage and take out the enemy. Real and his team find out there’s a lot more to these Shadowbolts as the fight begins!

A lot goes down in this scene and really sets the tone for the rest of this album. Arch shows that his production of the VA and sound effects have gotten better this time around; I like to say that the radio communication effects pay a nod to the Star Fox games. Brittney Ackerman and DaWillstanator are spot on with their roles as RD and Discord, as they still show their talent with these characters. We also get more of Soarin and Ezakia the zebra this time around. As Shad3z and Tyrisus get to showcase their talents, Dark Knight Princess takes over as Princess Twilight; she goes around and does a fine job of giving the feeling of Twilight trying to keep things upbeat but serious. A lot of plot bombs dropped in this scene.. hoo boy! As guns go firing and sword clash, the next song starts!

  1. The Defence! Feat. ShobieShy | Dubstep Trap

Man, what a treat of music this track is, as two of the fandom’s very best in brony hip-hop throw down a track about holding it down when under attack! The battle over the skies of Ponyville breaks into pure madness as Realfeeler and the Wonderbolts go into an aerial dogfight with the invading Shadowbolts! Shobie lays it on thick and harsh as he rhymes about how the Shadowbolts are here for Realfeeler to punish his race-traitor ways and how his bravado and ideology will be his downfall, even his friends and his family! Arch fires back with rhymes full of piss and vinegar, that Real nor the Wonderbolts aren’t backing down and will not only stop them, but crush them and embarrass them for even trying to hurt their friends and families! The beat that goes along with this track puts you right there in the action! The intense feeling of battle and clash in the skies over Ponyville with sound effects to make it feel like weapon fire and attack choppers bringing in more firepower with the power of dubstep and trap! Brony hip-hop at its best!

  1. Remember who you are, Audio Drama Skit 4 (Feat, MC-Arch, Brittney Ackerman, Darkknightprincess, Tyriustheva, Dawillstanator, Flitterkriz; Background VAs: MysGenesis & FlitterKriz)

We catch up with Real and Rainbow Dash in the aftermath of the attack on Ponyville; it was clear the target were young fillies and colts at specific locations around the town. After a message of encouragement from Twilight and others over the coms, Rainbow Dash asks Realfeeler some deep questions about how he can bear with this. What follows is a wonderful and deep tribute to Rainbow Dash’s character and what she means to a lot of us in this fandom that see her as true inspiration. The lines here are so deep by Arch and Brittney, done in a way that highlights and pays tribute to Rainbow Dash as the element of loyalty. Even if you’re not a fan of Rainbow’s character, listen well. Arch is really good at using the lore of the show with his own world to make this believable! Always using the lessons of friendship in the story where it lifts it up. Later, Real returns home to find Discord watching over a deeply distressed Fluttershy. You really feel sorry for her thanks to the voice work of AnimeBlueGirl. DaWillstanator shows he has not lost his footing in playing Discord with his bond with Fluttershy. It’s a warm scene of love and family in tough times, and it plays right into why Real wants nothing to do with this anymore. We then end with a throwback to the first album with Real singing to calm his wife.

7,. MC​-​Arch – All Their Names (feat. Namii, Retronax and Tw3Lv3) | Melodic Trap

The first time I listened to this gem, it brought me to tears. The track is about combat vets lost in the history of war, or those who have served and become forgotten. It ties into the story of the album when you hear Realfeeler talking about losing friends in battle. For me, the lyrics can hold true to someone like me who has battled ADHD for most of his life. It beat me down and made me feel worthless and hopeless, but then I remembered the real friends that have been there for me have lifted me up and kept me going, being there for me, encouraging me to not lose hope and to seek help. I will never forget those who fought for me, as Arch does with the memory of those who served. This is such a powerful and inspiring message of never giving up hope. The beats and harmonies flow so well with these lyrics and it puts you in the inspiring mood; no wonder, because the one and only Tw3Lv3 is behind it along with Retronx’s smooth and inspiring guitar added into the mix. Namii’s sweet and gentle vocals are in key with her gentle touch but in this track she puts a little more into it for a flavor of gentle grace and power! Such a good track, and one of my highlights of the whole album.

  1. The Difference​ – Audio Drama skit 5 (feat. MC-Arch, AnimeBlueGirl, Brittney Ackerman, Stealingshadez, TyriustheVA , DarkNightPrincess; background VAs: Drummershy)

The dire straits of a possible conflict happening is starting to boil. Princess Twilight Sparkle, while being the ruler of Equestria, is also still the princess of friendship. She has to make really hard choices as the ruler, which also means doing anything that needs to be done to protect the kingdom. Throughout this whole scene, Twilight shows that she is still working on that balance while still being our beloved book horse. She’s portrayed as being more mature than her past self but yet still worried – much wiser yet still the voice for friendship. Like her mentor Celestia, she cares about everypony. When Realfeeler starts opening up about how he really feels about what just happened, Twilight is the one that understands this more than anyone; he tells her what she and still does mean to everyone. DarkNightPrincess is wonderful here as Twilight. We close out the scene with Real coming home before landing himself into an emotional breakdown in front of Fluttershy. He’s scared and can’t take much more of it, and tells Flutters how he feels about all of this as we end the scene. This scene also confirms that Grubber is indeed alive and survived the war with the Storm King.

The scene was very personal, and about the very difficult choices that characters are dealing with what comes with that. But also the power of friendship, Twilight in the high tension of these events shares her warm feeling about seeing Real and his team sticking with each other.

  1. MC-Arch – I know I’m not the only one MEGA COLLAB Feat Tw3Lv3 | Boom-Bap (feat. Tyler Peace, Ruppert, Pony Abstract, Onyx Deadshot, Nugget, MLPSolarDash, Makenshi, Maddie, Gerf, Evershade, Drummershy, DNRM, DarkNightPrincess, Bluestarbrony, Blackened Blue, Agent Fluffy, Balance Keeper and DrakeEmberHeart)

This song is all about Realfeeler’s personal struggles and battles, and what’s worth fighting for: Fluttershy, his son and his friends. This song’s message is to all people going through their own battles. Listen to the words deeply and you’ll see why this story is full of war and chaos. The magic of friendship and its lessons are there loud and clear. Tw3Lv3, with her magic, provides the right emotion and harmonies in her composition to go with the mood of this song and makes Arch’s words ring true and tall. With all the rioting and high tensions in the political landscape of things, I’d say Arch through his OC’s words makes very wise points. Realfeeler’s words can be related to anybody’s struggles and not get lost in the echo. To end this track, myself and many that believe in this message provided our voices to be heard. “I know I’m not the only one!” Unity is not just a buzzword; it means something. All of us are not so different in the grand scale of things. Just think about that long and hard.

  1. As personal as it can get – Audio Drama skit 6 – feat. MC-Arch, Brittney Ackerman, Fluttershy1124, StealingShad3z, TyriustheVA, Darkknightprincess, Agatan, Mindscape, Flitterkriz, Background VAs: MC-Arch, Bolt, JazzyTyFighter, & Stallionslaughter.

The powerful words of Twilight are spoken as Real and his team fly into battle with their task of preventing the skies from being covered. “Goliath” aka Grubber is getting the storm folk and refugees out of the buildings in the area. There is very good sound engineering here with the sounds of battling that bring us right into the heat of things. Real pushes forward with his team as the battle goes on, and we also get the first appearance of Applejack (played by Fluttershy1124), who is also a soldier of the team known as Cincinnati. The battle rages on to the borders of Tartarus where the Shadowbolts anticipate their arrival. Arch’s attention to detail and his love for military culture and war history really shows here with the sounds of battle making the scene more of a full package. The intense fighting in the skies happens as Grubber warns them to hurry to the breach point, apologetic that he got everyone pulled into this. Real and his team move in to engage with their commander, and getting the upper hand, Real tells him that they will not get his family ever again. In a shocking turn of events, Real tries to take down their leader, only for Grubber to get hit with a rocket. What unfolds next changes everything and for Realfeeler. He really feels the anger, and the nice touch of the next track “Maybe” playing to signal the awakening of the rage inside of him after learning the truth. Agatan and Grogar were working together all this time! I will end this with giving StealingShad3z big props for his performance as Grubbler in this scene. The guy can act!

  1. Blackened Blue – Maybe feat MC-Arch | Rock/Rap

Link to Article Here

At the time of writing the article for this track when ASOS: Brownie came out, I was under the impression that this track was about alicorns going insane due to their long life spans. But the second meaning is known after listening to the bombshell dropped in the last skit. It has become very clear of this song’s true self, really. The music is far more deep and sinister and brooding in sound. The lyrics are a message from Realfeeler, telling all of us the truth about Agatan and his actions; it’s easily one of my favorites of 2020, and it just got better. Leave it to Arch to tell you that alicorns are not the only ones that can be consumed by feeling and wanting to let your true power out in an unholy blaze. Blackened’s vocals are only more haunting and sinister with the truth now known from the events of the last skit.

  1. Getting you Home – Audio Drama Skit 7 | Feat. MC-Arch, Brittney Ackerman, StealingShad3z, TyriustheVA, Darkknightprincess, Agatan, Flitterkriz, Background VAs: The Voice Bard & MC-Arch)

If you are still new to this series and still trying to get a grasp on why these albums are so different from others, this scene is your answer. One of the best things about Arch’s stories is that it takes the values of Friendship is Magic and blurs the lines of reality with our world. Listen close as you hear Real comfort Agatan; they each speak about each other’s choices and make the role of hero and villain not so clear now. It’s definitely not black and white when you hear them both out. The realities of war and who you stand up to with your values and loyalties are very up in your face and uncomfortable. The voice acting here feels so passionate as you listen like you’re in the room with all of the soldiers deciding for yourself. In the end, Real comes to terms with a harsh truth while what happens after that is the essence of how Arch uses his love for the show that makes these stories so rich and wonderful – one of best things on this album by far!

  1. MC-Arch – Not Fall (feat, Nicky D and Rubber) | Boom-Bap

This is one such song that talks about the realities of war for soldiers’ lives. In this track, Realfeeler and other soldiers talk about their fears and duties. Man, this touches on the horrors they see, the PTSD, the night terrors and the sight of their fellow ponies in arms dying in the trenches. It touches on something the ponies of Equestria have that humans do not: they are fighting for their people, their families, their friends, no games. The melodies are very uplifting and fitting to the message of the track as RealFeeler says in his part. The song speaks about the real heroes of the world that fight for a better day, or create joy for people as the song touches on those everyday heroes. Nicky D and Rubber aid him wonderfully in the message of this track. A wonderful reminder of all that served, in Equestria and our world.

  1. Whatever Happens…- Audio Drama skit 8 | Feat. MC-Arch, Brittney Ackerman, Fluttershy1124, StealingShad3z, TyriustheVA, Dawillstanator, Darkknightprincess, Flitterkriz; Background VAs: Marisa Duran, MC-Arch, & Stallionslaughter

The undertone of this next scene is pretty emotionally inspiring that it will take your breath away. We find out that EGA is heading to Earth, to put a stop to Grogar’s attempt at starting a full scale civil war. As they talk, the truth of Realfeeler’s motives comes out. As Twilight shows up and reveals that the elements of harmony, herself, Rainbow, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy are no longer enough to put an end to these problems and each of Real’s friends tell him what it’s like to be augmented. Real comes clean about the start of the initiative, and in a moment of unity, Twilight, Dash, AJ, Soarin, and Ezekia all react with pure empathy to their comrade. What happened there is that ponies, griffons, storm people, yaks, dragons and hippogriffs all come one by one to tell Real that they’re with him. Real then speaks to every single Guardian Angel that they must end this for everyone they love and care about. It’s a moment of solidarity that’s wonderful done! Even Dawillstanator gets in on the fun as the voice of Discord with his own motivation as he opens the portal to the Earth realm, while Twilight gives the order to take back our brave new world!

Wow, a lot of wonderful things happened here. How AJ is voiced and written, the callbacks to the days of the mane 6 guarding Equestria along with some classic one-liners. Such a rich scene!

  1. Age Of Vinyl, Lorris & Tw3Lv3 – Beauty (feat. MC-Arch) | Melodic Dubstep

Link to Article Here

As was the case with “Maybe”, the true intent of this track was not known during its original release as part of Ponies at Dawn: Ignite. I think it’s safe to assume that this album is what it was for, because now this song takes off, making an epic scene. We pick up from the end of the skit with Discord opening the portal and Twilight giving the order to “take back our brave new world”. I want you to imagine this being the start of a music video. When Arch starts throwing down those bars for Realfeeler, you see the all of the EGA, and every-creature flying into the portal with Twilight looking on all hopeful that her Guardian Angels can pull through. As those lyrics of fighting what you believe in keep coming, imagine Realfeeler flying in the front of the massive army of EGAs while firing off the lyrics and everyone saying in unity “we’re with you!” As the lyrics keep going, you see the faces of RD, AJ, Soarin and Ezekia all with hopeful and determined looks on their faces. Let’s not forget for a moment the combined mega talent of AgeofVinyl, Lorris (PowerNote) and Tw3Lv3 that give the lyrics a powerful drive and the vision of the EGA going into battle. The melodies and bassline infuse this track with pure power and swagger, and Arch’s true power as a rapper is unleashed in the fury and speed in the final burst of bars! The meaning of family and friends feed these words and the song ends! No wonder this track made it on P@D: Ignite! Just epic stuff that MC-Arch puts his heart and soul into it.

  1. MC​-​Arch .VS. Agatan – You won’t close my Eyes​.​.​. Feat. Drummershy & Blackened | Metal/Rock/Audio Drama

(feat. the voices of MC-Arch, Agatan, Brittney Ackerman, Darkknightprincess,Fluttershy1124; Background VAs: Stallionslaughter, Marisa duran, YOKAI, MysGenesis, MC-Arch)

There is a lot going on in this scene, but that is only because of the fact that this track showcases the great strength of this album. The pure blend of the brony musician and voice acting communities, and how they were made for each other. This track combines both into one of the album’s best and most creative tracks. If you listen closely to the words and lyrics, you’ll pick up on a little easter egg about where Tempest Shadow is. Speaking of which, this whole track is an awesome rewrite of “Open Up Your Eyes”, only done with the power of rock and metal. Those awesome drums can only be done by the one and only Drummershy! Along with him is my boi Blackened Blue with the smooth and moody guitars and bass.

Guns and swords are drawn as the two yell harsh and bitter words full of anger and sadness, and then the crash begins. May I also say I’d like to give Arch props for the score and sound effects of the skits; they just bring these scenes to life throughout this whole album! A bitter fight happens as these two beat the crap out of each other. The song itself is just awesome; it flows so good with Arch and Agatan harmonizing with the strength of their vocals. The emotion and anger in each word sang, all of their pains and frustrations of their choices that have affected each other’s lives. The song ends with a powerful tribute to the main course of the original song, because the battle is over. Agatan is now faced with a choice.

This is one of best tracks on the album and really shows why YGMIGU is so special, innovative and creative!

  1. My Priority – Audio Drama skit 9,| Feat MC-Arch, Mindscape, Stallionslaughter, Brittney Ackerman, Stealingshadez, TyriustheVA, Flitterkriz; Background VAs: The voice Bard, FlitterKriz, and MC-Arch)

The moment has come where Realfeeler and Fireteam Sparkle come face to face with Grogar, the true leader behind all of the attacks and the one that got Agatan to go rogue. Real states his intent and calls Grogar out for his motives. Remember me saying that things are not always black and white? Grogar reveals the shocking truth behind his motives of trying to kill all of those children, a truth that really calls into question what “augmented” soldiers like Real have done when they went rogue. Grogar explains why Equestria has become far too powerful to control; as you listen to the dialogue, the true evil is not so clear and his team struggles with what choice to make: their duty or save the hostages. This scene is another great strength of the storytelling of this series, and big props to the voice acting of Mindscape as Grogar: making him sound like a big deal. And if you catch it, what Storm King told Real in the first album comes true with everything here.

  1. Jalmaan & SamQuakBrony – Burn Bright feat. MC-Arch | melodic dubstep

How about something uplifting for you? After the events of the last scene, I am sure you’re reeling from the aftermath of it. Well, let Realfeeler’s powerful voice give you the power of positivity. Let’s give the talents of Jalmaam and SamQualBrony a big round of applause as well for the powerful and uplifting melodies with just gorgeous harmonies and the soft and tender bassline that feeds into the message of this track. A warrior, a soldier, a normal everyday person battling the depression, the pain and trauma of what you have been through, the shackles that hold you down. Arch sings with power and grace as this message of holding on and rising above past shortcomings rings out that means something in this fandom. The past hurts, but as wise mandrill once said “The past can hurt, but you can run from it, or learn from it”. The song shines on those vibes.

  1. Our Brave New World – Final Audio drama Skit | Feat, MC-Arch, AnimeBlueGirl, Brittney Ackerman, Stealingshadez, TyriustheVA as Ezekia, Dawillstanator, Darkknightprincess, Flitterkriz, Fluttershy1124, Stallionslaughter Meg TheLovableDork and Mistmane; Background VAs: MysGenesis & Stallionslaughter

The finale of the album’s story. 4 days have passed since the events of the Alliance’s operation of the hostages. Fireteam Sparkle came through and the children were returned to their families. However, Princess Twilight and the team now must stand before the Prime Minister C.I.A to be questioned in court. A lot is said in the first 10 minutes of this skit, so I’ll just let you listen and you decide for yourself who was in the right and wrong here. Again, things are not always black and white. Twilight’s judgement on giving the order is brought under heavy questioning and Real and his friends are not having it, but most of all, Twilight in this scene shows why she is always one step ahead of everyone and why she is called “BookHorse” by this fandom. She in her own way tells it how it is as only she can. The scene leaves more questions than answers as the part ends, with the album’s story telling again about the lessons of “Friendship is Magic; it’s almost like MC-Arch wrote this as a way to get you to think for yourself. Oh and special shout out to the VA known as mistmane; Her performance really drove the message of this scene strong!

Later, Real returns home to his family and without going into details, Fluttershy is thrilled that he is home with her. Their bond as a family is still strong, but there is a special surprise for Fluttershy from Real. I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll just let you listeners enjoy it, and know that this finale scene is why Arch loves the characters that all of us hold so dear to our hearts. We end with how it should with anything related to FiM: “Friendship is not always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for”.

  1. MC-Arch – OathKeeper | Hybrid Trap

The closing song of the album. A message of what Princess Luna means to Realfeeler and more so a strong message to the fandom. Listen to the words and understand what MLP: FiM means to you, the listener. Princess Luna has always been a shining star of hope for a lot of bronies and as the song states, she fuels the dreamers and oath keepers of the fandom: the true bronies that Arch also talks about in #TakeItBack. You see Realfeeler in front of a statue of Luna throwing down these words talking to all of us, playing homage to the princess of the night. Oathkeeper is a reminder that we in this fandom still need to make a difference for the world. The real bronies need to stand up and keep following the lessons and values that many of us found much like Realfeeler did with himself. As this plays, a curtain falls on this story. Remember what you heard today while listening to this album.

Wow, what a album, huh? Arch even released this on the 10th anniversary of the premiere of FiM and this album was his gift for that. This album’s review should’ve been out long before then, but it means more now; if you listen to his latest track #TakeitBack, then the timing of this review’s release could not be more fitting. I will end with this: give the musicians and voice actors a lot of love. Content creators work so hard on their craft and for the love of this fandom. Be there for them as people, respect the fact that they are people much like you and are so much more than just people that entertain this fandom. MC-Arch has created something that is his own and shines as a brony, a creator and a person. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself! #ReclaimTheDream


3 thoughts on “MC-Arch – You got me, I got us II: Our Brave New World! | Album | Multi-Genre / Audio Drama

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Wow, what an album. I enjoyed it more so than the first. Everything from the music, the storytelling, and how good and evil aren’t so easily defined in this universe is set up quite well. 🙂 MC-Arch certainly put a lot of heart and passion into each track, and everyone involved did very good as well. 🙂

    As for who I’m siding with, I’m going with Real, Twilight, and co. I understand why Grogar is doing what he’s doing, and I feel bad for Agatan and the choices he’d made, I just think they’re in the wrong, and especially that Prime Minister. She just sounded awful behind her “legal” attitude.

    But friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for. Kudos to everyone involved in this project. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah. Think one of best things Arch does. Is that he gets you to really think about the motives of the characters. And youself finding that you agree with the points. Agatan, Grogar etc are vaild.

      It’s all just interesting. Oh and one more thing. I love! How Applejack is writen and used in this story.

      She is an augmented earth pony. Which means her earth pony strength is more insane than it is in the show. I love how she speaks and her honesty is used to very well in this. She’s especially trained operative and and as arch said to me.

      She has a good old-fashioned six shooter. But she also has another handgun that would make Clint Eastwood cry lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • MLPSolarDash1907 says:

        Very fascinating! AJ does sound amazing in this the way you put it. 😀 I also, in my story, try to get people to see various characters’ reasonings, too. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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