Royalpony – Never Alone | HardStyle

I still have a lot to learn about who makes music still in this fandom. Its rich history of musicians. I just learned that about Royalpony. This being my first time hearing his content. I’ve learned he’s been around since 2014-15. Well better late than never because this track was a great intro into his style of EDM. Never Alone is a haunting track with very grim melodies about being so isolated in times like now. Dealing with the pandemic we all face today. The theme has the emotional feeling of being scared, alone and unsure. When it kicks into the hardstyle it reminds us that like Fluttershy, we are never alone. That this fandom can count on each other. It is strangely a proper track for the timing of its release. Do you feel the same? As always. This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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