SP1TF1R3 – The Sphinx Awakens – Hybrid Trap

We hear so much about Somnambila’s tale with her encounter with the Sphinx. But does anyone just focus on the Sphinx itself? You’re in luck. I give you SP1TF1R3, This track has more of the focus on how evil and nasty the Sphinx is. The melodies here are a mix of some Egyptians themes with some strong synthing of dramatic melodies to create tension of dealing with this evil presence. Its a real shame that this track did not make it on P@D. It really does create an image of dealing with this monster first hand. Presentation is wonderful here. Keep working hard and working to get better good sir. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

(P.S: for those that what wonder why I end my articles with that. I am encouraging you the reader to listen to the track and think for yourself, Don’t take my word for it as reading rainbow would say)

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