[P@D] Foozogz & 4EverfreeBrony – Fire Of Friendship (feat. Mei) | Electro Pop

Track 31, of P@D: Ignite is another series finale inspired gem I tell ya. This song’s message is quite simple. Friendship, Special ones can change everything. It opens doors. It fills empty holes in yourself. It gives you life again. It saves lives, like it has so many in this fandom. Channeling Twilight from “The last problem”.Foozogz and 4Everfreebrony‘ sing in harmony some powerful stuff. The music itself is a charming and upbeat beat that synths together with a little bit of Pop. Electro and classic rock. Throw in a 80’s style guitar solo just for kicks. Then you have an amazing pop ballad that reminds you what matters in life. It’s a soulful track that brings the reason we love this fandom front and center with good music making at its core. As always. this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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