[P@D] Whirly Tail & John Kenza – God of the Seas | Hardstyle

(This article is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Cynifree)

This I am not going to lie. This is one my most anticipated tracks of P@D: Ignite. Whirly Tail is someone I really owe a lot to. That really helped me when I was first bought onto Horse Music Herald,  Trying to be a better writer, he was very good at making me feel welcome and aiding me with my work.

So when I saw him make this album and collabing a track with the one and only John Kenza!. I knew, I wanted to be the one to write the article for his track. And what a track it is at 47, on the album. The track is given a vibe old Equestra in the days of war with creatures like the Wendigo’s. Whirly’s unique style of music captures a battle going on the rough sea’s of Equestria. The feeling of flow of the fight goes, as you get some intense ups and down’s with how the melodies go. All the elements used really brings out your imagination, your emotions if you close your eyes and feel. The intensity of the high points. The drama of low points, The uncertainty in the middle. John Kenza comes in to aid in this tale with his own magic sprinkled all over this track adding to the fight. Especially at the first drop which drives the drama of track way up with a sense of emergency. Whirly with John Kenza’s help has created such a remarkable blend of epic sounding quantity. More then anything this track shows just how brilliant Whirly Tail is as an composer! I am so proud of you buddy! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. But…I am not the only one with a say in this. Here is Cynifree. Take it away my friend.

Cynifree’s review: I personally really love the progression of this one. These two did an awesome job conveying a story here the energetic drops, the diverse bridges and melodic energy has all the thumping party energy you could want from a hardstyle track with just the right amount of melodic vibes you’d get from a house track. Like Drake stated, these two really mesh well together and rightfully deserves its spot on the album. This has something for everyone!

From both of us Whirly Tail. Your at another level and both of us could not be happier for you.

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