[P@D] Silva Hound & GrazySmash feat. Forest Rain – Ponies In Flames | Electro House

Brony DJ producer, and legend Silva Hound is once again back for P@D: Ignite with a heart-breaker of a track!. At 34. On the album, Silva brings the pain with the help of one Grazy Smash. A track about the hardship of friends losing each other. Becoming the worst of enemies. Or lovers clashing over the others actions. Forest Rain brings the emotion of pain with her voice that will give you 3rd degree burns at how hot and painful these lyrics are. The beat by both Silva and Grazy really adds to the adversity of the message. Its adds a lot of confusion and anger to how the melody flows, but the mood really changes once Forest starts to sing. The emotion building of the anger of the track to were the anxiety builds until it’s blows up with some emotional bass drops. The track does a pretty good job with the intensity of the meaning without going really crazy. Fine work by the three of them, and a banger to move too. It kinda has that 80’s techno theme with all the neon lights in the presentation . But you be the judge, as this Qilin will ask you always.

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