Silva Hound & GrazySmash – Ponies In Flames (feat. Forest Rain) [Dropper Vampire Bootleg] – Big Room House


My article on the original:  []

A remix of this already? If you read everything I said about the original, all of that still applies. Dropper, however, changes the complexity of this song by amping up the intensity. It’s a big fight confrontation, and feels like walking out in front of a hundred thousand ponies to fight for a big prize. The melodies are big and powerful, and it sets you into a mood that makes you feel as if something is about to go down between foes. You will be out of your seat, jumping to how raucous this is The more intense melody and the bass makes Forest Rain’s lyrics about confrontation even more serious. You be the judge. This Qilin highly recommends this one if you want to get into that big fight feel!


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