[P@D] Faulty – Rise Up (feat. StealingShad3z & Doodled) | Big Room House

Attention Changeling fans. Looking for a track that has sweet vocals, battle anthem rhymes and the rumbling melody of a Changeling oncoming? This is track 44 of P@D: Ignite Rise up. Faulty comes in once again with pulsing flow. A sound and rhythm that spells a message of “we are coming, better and stronger”. By hearing this. you feel the changelings coming, marching, buzzing, attacking. It’s a surefire beat to move to for sure. StealingShad3z lends his voice while letting you hear that message. Shad3z’s sweet sounding voice speaks these lyrics as an anthem to their opponents, daring them to stop them. Then there is Doodled Pony. The man with such an eccentric style of blasting those out words. The voice of Chrissy is told in Doodles voice with the order to attack and the message that comes with it, even some voice modification there for Changling vibes! Its a another good one on P@D. Check it out. As always this Qillin asks you to judge for yourself.

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