[P@D] Skron – Maze of Thoughts | Melodic Dubstep

Leave it to Skron, an up and coming producer to make a track with a dreamy and reflecting theme to it. A track that goes into the mind of our newly crowned bookhorse. The melodies effectively make you feel this as the song is right out of the show. It’s right in touch on how twilight would be talking, feeling about being the new ruler of equestria. There are some lovely transitions and drops that take the emotion from, uncertainty to courage, power and overcoming the odds. Skron vocals really drive you into her mind and her sense of wonder. If there was ever a way, really to use Twilight’s character growth over 9 seasons. Skron I’ll say, has done so in this package of bliss and celebration for track 42 on P@D: Ignite. As always, This Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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