[The Rest of Our Lives] Le Soldat Pony – Reunion [Artemis Epilogue] :: Coming Out | Progressive Pop

The 12th track on The Rest of Our Lives is Reunion, the first brand new track from Le Soldat Pony in 5 years. Reunion is a unique piece and also stands as the album’s longest track, clocking in at 12 minutes long. It opens up with a minute long intro with glitchy beepy synths before adding a reverberant beat with 80s-inspired synth lines. Soldat’s voice is ethereal and haunting yet perfectly fitting for this kind of music. Halfway in, the song completely changes course, leaving us with some faint ambient background noise before a raw recording of an acoustic guitar fades in. This, combined with him singing sounds truly beautiful and haunting. As much as I’d love to see him return fully, it’s unlikely that he ever will, so let us cherish this moment while we still have it. Either way, it’s definitely a big highlight from the album!

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