[ETC] Nyancat380 – Wake Me Up Princess Luna!! | Splittercore

(Nyancats380’s Facebook ) From the newly released COREQUESTRA Volume 1 comes something so fast, terrifying and different! The theme of this track is made very clear with the machine gun pounding bass that Princess Luna has to protect Sweetie Belle from a beast trapped in her nightmares! The sound of Sweetie Belle screaming is a nice touch. The use of heaving and growling of a monster not letting up is all up in your face. One could say the pounding and eerie sounds could be the princess fighting for her life. It is not a track for everyone, I will say that. But the intense feeling of a horrifying nightmare is stimulated with the composition. You’re a cruel one, Nyancat. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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