[P@D] Hay Tea & Alfiux – Revive | Chillout

This song might very well be last one from one the greatest drum & bass producers in the fandom. Before jumping into the song itself, it would be wise to look back at the achievements and history of the master, the legend, horse music titan Hay Tea.

His pony music production work is radically characterized by the magnitude of its span. Indeed, his earliest works in the fandom date back to early 2012. It wouldn’t be fair to highlight parts of his musical portfolio as it would cast a shadow on the rest and mask its unity and coherence. What can be said about its contents, however, is that a great share of it is collaborations with artist from all around the fandom. As for the genres it contains, one can find tunes ranging from trip hop and hip-hop to drum & bass, the latter being the most prominent. Hay Tea was also one of the only producers of drumfunk in the fandom alongside bank pain, and both are part of the Drumscape Library, showing once more dedication to the community.

His music will be remembered for its overall production value and intrinsic musical creativity. His style bore unique traits skillfully executed with great technical abilities. For instance the vinyl crackle he regularly used is a reagent of the bittersweetness and ambiguity of his musical phraseology. The choice and use of samples was also one the musician’s defining traits and is most likely linked to the fact that he enjoys hip-hop. In the last year of his career he ventured in uncharted musical territory, pulling off very successful experiments in French house and in his last song, featuring ALfiux, Revive. Available on Ponies at Dawn Ignite, this is one of Hay Tea’s whopping 21 tracks featured on the label, and while ALfiux hasn’t been as prolific they aren’t new to P@D either. Revive may mean the return of chillout virtuoso ALfiux who has been teasing snippets of music for years on their twitter and soundcould with everything from garage to neurofunk and all in between. May the title of this track be performative. Revive blends the style of the two producers frighteningly well which coalesce into a gorgeous piece of musical smoothness. While it would be straightforward to erect an exhaustive list of the elements of the track, it would be undesirable for it is much more than the sum of its parts. The core of the tune revolves around a melancholic piano sample which together with the sub-bass brings forth blissful soundscapes leaving in nothing but reverie and contemplation.

The story of Hay Tea is a superb example of what ponies – in particular in music – can achieve: saying that he managed to grasp a fragment of the world sub specie aeternitatis is not overemphasis. No matter what the future holds, his works are immortal and we can be but grateful to have had the chance of witnessing the unparalleled brilliance of his craft.

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