Never Say Neigh – Black Stable: Vol 3 | Compilation Album | EDM

Never Say Neigh just unveiled their newest album and as with the previous two compilations, this one hits hard and with fantastic quality! The eight-track album has a nice variety of producers and collaborations who all combine to show that NSN is a stand-out project within the fandom to continue paying attention to! Do not be afraid to turn NSN3 up and make it loud – that’s how it is meant to be played!

(Continued after the break)

In lieu of highlighting a few tracks, here’s a brief description of each to give an idea what everyone brings to the Stable.

  1. Stalk: Awk combines heavily distorted elements with Fluttershy’s “stalker”ish chops from the gala garden into some dirty bass drops
  2. Tomb: Cynifree uses a creative mix of synths and fluctuating dynamics to create an intense, Egyption-desert feel
  3. Kuroyuri: D3RPI uses constantly changing phrases to establish unpredictability and a looming sense of tension in the soundtrack to your best nightmares
  4. Last Tempest Remix: TCB starts off his re-imagining of GeekBrony’s well-known single as an epic trailer intro before using VyletPony‘s expert vocals to go into a heavy dubstep track
  5. Bad Attitude: Hoofy & R3CTIFIER make a dynamic power duo in this fast-paced riddim grand slam.
  6. Grim (VIP): SKUNKED starts more melodically than other tracks NSN3 tracks before hitting at least as hard as the others on this sick dubstep bop
  7. Biohazard: Soundnix and AJ Young form an eagerly anticipated duo of talent combining gorgeous orchestral instruments and pony chops with heavy, heavy dubstep saws flying around your eardrums in a way only AJ can manage
  8. Starved: Spikey Wikey closes out with a super creative take on The Times They Are a Changeling using character chops, synths, sound fx, and everything in between to make unpredictable, melodic, syncopated pandemonium!

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