Toby Macarony – Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic | Orchestral

Flutty & Rainy doin’ Picnic is the opener of Toby Macarony’s new album, Shenanigans Two. This track lies among songs from a great variety of genres, just as expected from TM. It is a cute orchestral piece working as a conversation between a flute representing Fluttershy and an oboe for Rainbow Dash with each instrument playing a few phrases followed by the other’s response. The song ends on an ethereal note with a choir and strings.

Editor’s note: Find below an additional writeup by fellow writer Cynifree!

Start of Cynifree’s writeup
A nice heartwarming tale of two friends having a picnic together. Toby has released something a little different than I’m used to, however its a really cute and sweet soundtrack with happy woodwind melodies and soothing harmonizing strings of a wide variety. Things are placed very well through out the song from little chimes and choirs to harpsichords and harps. A very robust orchestral piece and this kind of stuff is my bread and butter!
End of Cynifree’s writeup

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