[P@D] UndreamedPanic – The Storm Is Coming VIP (feat. Metajoker) (Single Purpose Remix) | Drum & Bass

This song has come a long way from its original release on UndreamedPanics last EP The Outdoors, to the release of the VIP on Ponies at Dawn Eternal, to Single Purpose’s remix of the VIP on P@D Ignite. They cranked up the bpm by 233% but kept the atmosphere set by UndreamedPanic’s mellow synths and Metajokers gorgeous vocals and powerful lyrics. In the first half the roomy drum pattern doesn’t feel empty at all thanks to the longer snare and the soothing yet gloomy reese. What was the interlude before, where Metajoker repeats “there’s a storm coming,” is now a hype machine of a buildup culminating with an exhilarating drum fill introducing the second half. From now on until the end it is more or less as perfect as it gets, from the drums to the synth work, working in unison to lead this track right into the list of the most solid DnB the fandom has seen.

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