[ETC] DAϟH – GIGA STORM OVER PONYVILLE! | Splittercore/Extratone

It’s not mayhem until natural disasters, right? For one of the closing acts on COREQUESTRIA Vol 1:PonyVille, DASH has composed the musical equivalent of tyrannical downpore. They synthetically use a deep, booming bass, as well as scratching and screeching effects to create a melody of a raging monsoon, and a certain Pegasus sleeping at the worst possible time. The sounds of doom add to this with a haunting gong. The pace of the track gets more intense as things go on and you wonder if Ponyville can survive, effectively simulating more chaos! Splittercore is a genre that is particularly present in tracks of pure horror and mayhem! Hold on for dear life and check this track out. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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