Djohn Mema – EYES (feat. Sable Symphony) | Metal


I know after listening to this song you will have questions. It’s understandable. Eyes represent something that’s been done in music for centuries.

Heavy metal is such an amazing genre to use as a conduit to send a strong message to get you to think really hard. Djohn here has produced a fine use of those elements of anger and frustration, amped right up with a message that should ring into your heart. The guitars, Djohn’s masterful drumming and Sable’s orchestration gives this track its legs. But is the voice of Djohn that is the heart of this track. The message in those lyrics… It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he’s talking about and he is so good at letting that emotion just come right out.

Now the message in those lyrics is probably going to be controversial to some who hear it; we as Bronies don’t like to hear the truth sometimes. But what Djohn has done is nothing new in music. Bands like System of a Down. Slipknot, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park and Korn are examples. Rappers like Public Enemy, NWA and Eminem are also known for it, and even classic artists like Bob Dylan and Phil Collins.

Every single one of these groups caused controversy to some degree and some people were not happy. But the public curious took a closer look and found those messages and understood.

Take a step back and listen. There is wisdom in those lyrics. Very relatable ones that not only talk about our fandom, but people as a whole. The episode in My Little Pony. “The talk of the town” moral this song is the same as that episode about Zecora; it’s just a lot more blunt and honest in this songTake an honest listen of this song and think about it. This Qilin more than ever asks you to really judge for yourself.


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