DoTheDaringDew – We Were Here | Acoustic


“An embrace that time cannot erase.”

The whole song is centered around this very line, and the moment in this video with it. Music is such a conduit for putting such raw and powerful feelings or even memories into a flow or output with the right elements and ingredients. Dewie uses all the powerful and natural feeling of folk music, with the epic acoustic guitars being the focal element of the journey. The piano is a seasoning for the happy and bliss, the drum beats for emotional building up in song, and semi orchestral tones for making this song feel like it is telling a tale of legends, those being the legends of thousands of bronies at pony conventions. It brings out the true emotion of Dewie’s songwriting with some really refined production. Everything sounds very vibrant and emotional. Vocally, Dewie sings with his absolute best harmony and power, giving the performance of a lifetime in this track.

These words ring out with profound truth of bronies withstanding the test of time and public opinion. The song hits you right in the personal core of these bounds and memories being in a state of unbreakable legend. From my personal standpoint as I write this, the lyrics with the moments played in the video brings this sense of being overjoyed with a fandom that saved my well being. The feelings of being at a pony con and nothing else matters in the world, that the pure fun, laughter and warm and life changing fellowships that happen in those halls. Many, many bronies have found life saving happiness and renewed passion learning new skills and learning new things about themselves. The kinship you form at these cons are magical, standing in panels and in unity singing a song from the show, dancing with the person next to you, reacting to special moments that only happen at these pony cons. Watching a friend that worked so hard for years to get there do and living a dream, and you getting to be there share the moment with them! Standing arm and arm at the brony music concerts emotionally crying as a song that means so much to you and others is being played to you live, right in that moment. Or something as simple as playing a game or having lunch with someone that means a lot to you and you becoming closer. This song hits all of those buttons. I can honestly say that this song is so heartfelt to me and a lot of other bronies who found a place where they could find real friends in such a harsh world that is not fair. But for a special weekend at a pony con, the world is right. Not bad for such a niche fandom.

If you shed a few tears listening to this song, then you know. The song has an amazing sax solo with this super emotional melody about never forgetting what Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Fluttershy have done for us. Never let the brony spirit go out. Remember that feeling and never forget that “We Were Here”. Please check out Dewie’s album Reflection, where you get this song and history of his journey as a musician. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “DoTheDaringDew – We Were Here | Acoustic

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This song reminds me of the times I went to BronyCon with my friends. All the fun times and memories we had flow from this song and its imagery. And it’s a great showcase of how far the Brony community has gone. I like this song! Very nice review Mr. Qilin! 😊👍

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    • I was there with you dude! Yeah I wanted to really put over this song by Dewie, He took what we feel at cons and made a song like its a legendary tale. I put a lot of heart and soul in to writing this, and thank god for proofreaders, I can’t thank them enought

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