Seventh Element – Equestria VHS | Album | Synthwave

The Sovreign of Synthwave returns with a 15-track album full of 80s sound-inspired pony goodness! Seventh Element has always specialized in out-of-the-box sound design and style as evidenced by Equestria VHS. The songs on this album are based on the ponification of different 80s movies and references to phenomena of the time (usually centered around VHS tapes). Several sound bits are laced throughout to really help set the tone, like the clips of video tapes being inserted into VCRs, and rewind machines getting used.

(Continued after the break)

There are a lot of great, vintage synths used throughout the album. You’ll also hear fun pony chops mixed perfectly to the spaced-out, thematic atmosphere – especially in the iconic Equestria Games 1981!

Seventh Element has plenty of surprises on this album as well, a favorite being the rare occurrence of Seventh singing on Every Pony Wore Their Mane Like That. Late into the video, they pull out the Season 1 Cheerilee reference about how goofy everypony’s mane-style was “back then”.

Another standout track is the final one on the album. Be Kind, Rewind (awesome song title) jazzes it up with a saxophone and help from CyrilTheWolf. All 52 minutes of Equestria VHS are filled with fantastic and creative elements, mastered to fit an unconventional theme, and topped off with the kind of charm you can only get from one of the fandom’s longest tendered and most prolific musicians – the great Seventh Element!

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