[Equinity] TCB – ATELOPHOBIA 2020 | Future Dance

(Listen to the original here)

is the Fear of Imperfection or of things going wrong and also the fear of failure. It often manifests itself as a ‘perfectionist’ thinking style and can lead to a constant feeling of inadequacy or of not being ‘good enough’.

“Psychology is the name of the game here, and all of the elements are used here, my fellow bronies.”

Are you ready for Equinity 03: Breach? How about an opening track that is such a powerful remake? How about an intense dive into Sweetie Belle’s psyche? TCB must have really done his homework here. Those psychological elements are at work in the weighty opening and the expression of emotional bitterness Sweetie feels toward her sister delivered with those harmonious tones. We dive right into her fears and turmoils with these grindy and murky melodies. The vocal chops fit right in with the timing and add to the despairing mood. The track then goes into a range of emotion as Princess Luna arrives to even the score and helps the young foal. Oh man, the use of the piano and cello with ripping beats really just pulls you into Sweetie Belle’s fear! TCB has made so many improvements to the original, especially with the ending that fits so well with what Luna did for Sweetie in “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils”. Sweetie Belle battles her fear and anger with that hard bass that TCB is known for, and there is even a nice touch of victorian era violin at the end! What an awesome way to open the album, which will drop on 08/03/2020!  As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!

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