Tw3Lw3 – Simp EP | Multi-Genre

If for some odd reason this is your first time listening to Tw3Lv3 then there are a couple of things that you should know: She is known for her high quality production of music that she seems to do at record speeds, and she is also known for her remixing ability allows her to change canon or fan made songs by adding her creative magic that makes the track even more epic or take it in a direction that makes it her own. Oh, and she is so versatile that she is able to do just about any genre. TCB is one of her close friends and another creative genius producer. And so, my friend,  with this album you get “a journey into a world of pure imagination | take a look around and you’ll see into your imagination,” as Willy Wonka once said. Six of TCB’s best songs remixed and reimagined as only Tw3Lv3 can. If you still have not hear Tw3Lv3’s magic, you are going to find out why she is one of the hottest musicians in the fandom. Now, enough talk. Let’s have a look!

1. TCB – TWI (Tw3Lv3 remix) | Future Bass (edited)

(Listen to the Original Here)

How can you make an already chill song about twilight sparkle more magical? Let Tw3Lv3 work her magic! The song is about the love we have for one “bookhorse”, but now you have some very epic elements added to TCB’s elements: The vibing rumble, those harmiousning chimes, and that smooth bassline. With these elements getting more dynamic as the song goes on (and of course the lo-fi wubs) this track is yummy and very chill!

2. TCB – Only One (Tw3Lv3 remix) | Liquid drum and bass

(Listen to the Original Here)

“Your Heart is in two places” has never sounded better. TCB made a remix of it that was mythical in sound; Tw3Lv3 however flips it up here with her remix. The elements created by TCB now flow with hyper pace, and as Apple Bloom sings “you’re torn between the hilltops and and tide”…well, you get swept up in that notion thanks to how this song is remixed. That mythical Sea Equestria beat is joined by this high energy drum and bass with the flow of positive waves. The song then switches to the hilltops of harmonizing heights where the beat becomes more wild and free with its elements. Mix in a lot of CMC vocal chops and you have a wild ride to the land and the sea with this beat!

3. TCB – Nothing is Forever (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Jungle Drum and Bass

(Listen to the Original Here)

We move from the CMCs to Rainbow Dash in this uptempo song. This track is night and day with TCB’s. While the elements are still there the tone of magic is changed as you hear the Vocal Chops of RD cutting through this track. You are left to think about how life moves so fast, and you must stop to take a breath and enjoy what’s around you. The pace is a literal message of “life comes at you fast”; Tw3Lv3 demonstrates the ability to change the meaning of a track with her talent and gives the same song two different perspectives. This is a good ride here.

4.TCB – In Rapture (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Lo-Fi House

(Listen to the Original Here)

Tw3Lv3, only you could take the original meaning of this song, which is about post con depression, and put a spin on it that is uplifting. Let’s think about the time over those many weekends that we got to see our friends. Yes we miss them dearly but Tw3Lv3 smoothes over the sadness with these uplifting lo-fi beats. The combo of the pony vocal chops and those pulsing wubs puts a smile on your face when you think of the positives of these amazing times and might even ring a tear of pure joy to your eye. With a bassline that is just big time vibes, this song is Brony4life.

5. TCB – Atelophobia (Tw3Lv3 remix)  | Happy Hardcore

(Listen to the Original Here)

As I said when I did the article for this track back when it dropped on the “Equinity 03: Breach” album, this track is a straight up dive into the hopes and fears of Sweetie Belle. Tw3Lv3 now adds her touch to this track, and the track slowly amps up in speed as Sweetie Belle’s anxiety rises up in her dreams with Princess Luna. My lord, what a ride of track! The further along it goes the more happy hardcore elements are presented to give more of a sense of urgency. The key vocal chops of Sweetie Belle and the sounds of dreamy water drips are left in as the track goes into the main drop and the pace starts getting insane. It is a very nice touch to present Sweetie’s stresses and fears in this way and really makes the track Tw3lv3’s own!

6. TCB – Friends can change the world (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Future Garage 

(Listen to the Original Here)

This is one of the most powerful tracks that TCB has done, and it is sure to make your eyes water with brony pride. The original is extremely emotional in every way, channeling the very feelings of why the fandom beats with the heart of friendship in very epic fashion. What the hay could Tw3Lv3 do to make this any better that it already is? She shifts the feeling to a state of reminiscing using melodies that are so deep and entrancing that they pull you into a dream-like state. The track turns almost symphonic with the vocal chops of Twilight and her friends harmonizing to you from the song “Friends Are Always There for You”. The way this is done is almost like you’re walking along arm-in-arm with your friends and you feel it! After the drop, you just think about your own adventures and how this fandom has changed you in such big ways. The keynotes and melodies here are just glorious, just building and building to epic levels until you reach the end, and Twilight and her friends surround you and celebrate that ya made it this far and stuck with them! What a remix, Tw3Lv3! What a grand way to close out the album!

TCB also made a VIP of this track on P@D: Eclipse. Listen to that here!

As your ride comes to close, are you feeling it yet? Do you understand the power of creative music-making as only Tw3Lv3 can do it? I hope you enjoyed your adventure and now understand why she has been on fire since early 2020 with no sign of slowing down! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “Tw3Lw3 – Simp EP | Multi-Genre

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Well, I’ve got to say, I’ve enjoyed all of these albums from Tw3 and TCB. 😀 They did a great job putting together these remixes and I agree with what you’ve said on the different albums, my favorite Qilin. 🙂 I did enjoy the originals and they were well done, but I think the remixes outdo them. 🙂 Just shows improving work from good artists. 😀

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