DoTheDaringDew – Reflections | Album | Rock

DoTheDaringDew has been a notable musician in the fandom for quite some time. To commemorate everything he has achieved in the past decade, DTDD reworked every single song he made in that span in the new, jam-packed, 40-song album: Reflections.

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From the very first song he put out in 2014, The Smile Anthem – a fun, instrumental expansion on The Smile Song – all way to perhaps his best track yet We Were Here, Reflections is loaded with notable, catchy, and introspective hits spanning all kinds of projects. There is a vast range of music from DTDD’s self-titled EP, to his Loudsdale project with Luck Rock, to his convention anthems for Nightmare Nights and HarmonyCon, to fun covers of other well-known songs, and more! While there are so many great songs to enjoy, here are just a few that you can look forward to hearing!

My Little Heaven: This bluesy single is a great example of DoTheDaringDew’s talent for thinking outside the box, both in terms of concept as well as musical execution. Singing about young Applejack trying to find herself in Mahehatten with her Aunt and Uncle Orange, DTDD shows off some fancy acoustic guitar work with a fantastic rock mix as our favorite apple element realizes that the farm back home was her little Heaven.

End of the Line: DTDD really starts coming into his own chronologically with this incredible rock track celebrating Rainbow Dash accomplishing her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. The heavier style guitars and can’t miss 80’s style guitar solo portray her conflict as she contemplates whether achieving her ultimate goal makes this the End of the Line.

Flyaloo: Another creative take on the show, this Scootaloo-themed blues rock song focuses on Scoots’ disability and identity. The unconventional music form composition makes for a very exciting listen, as does the prevailing riff, the always-amazing guitar solo, and peppy singing that ultimately reminds us why we don’t call her Flyaloo.

Burning Bright: This song is a fantastic demonstration of emotion, written in memory of his dog, Gypsy. Burning Bright displays a lot of versatility with different guitars. Though the instrumental tone is energetic, the somber tone of the vocals and constantly down-stroking acoustic guitar portrays the choked-back nature of having to say goodbye beautifully.

There’s plenty more well-known songs that got a rework and so many more songs worth discussing, but it is way better to listen to them – you won’t want to miss out!


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