When Hooves Meet Face – The Worst on Derpi (Lit Parody) | Pop Punk / Alternative Rock

hmh not for kids

Oops, this needs a content warning! Continue reading if you’re into that kinda NSFW stuff.

When Hooves Meet Face continues their successful formula of recreating an alternative rock staple (as they did with “Pony in the Jar”) and using it to explore adult themes. Here they take a classic hoof stomper by Lit and use it to humorously explore the perils of being a pastel pony in the world of NSFW art. WHMF is obviously very comfortable with this style of music, and they manage to capture the essence of the original perfectly both instrumentally and vocally. Standout lyrics like “I can’t remember who these characters are supposed to be” and the acknowledgement that a particular subject is “never really in charge” of how they are used in fan art are delivered with well-deserved confidence.

Whatever your feelings about adult art sites may be, there is no denying that this song (and the accompanying wacky, one-horse band video) is a ROCKIN’ good time that might help chase those “lockdown” blues away! Please give it a listen and give When Hooves Meet Face some love!


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