Direct Current – Unleashed | Experimental Dubstep

A track for EQG fans!
Finally, somebody has made a track about how psycho Midnight Sparkle is! Let’s start with the vile distorted vocals to show the clash inside Sci-Twi’s head! Featuring some well-used vocal and music chops from “Unleash the Magic”, the lyrics tell the tale of Midnight slowly coming out. The melody really builds that up well, along with the robotic vocals for extra malice! Give this a listen, fans of Midnight Sparkle; this one’s for you! As always this Qilin, asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Direct Current – Unleashed | Experimental Dubstep

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This was pretty basic. I can why it’s called “experimental,” because there is definitely room for improvement; I mean that in a good way. The flow is shaken at first, but seems steadier as the song continues. Again, it’s nice, but I see this becoming better if worked on more. And of course a nice description by our Mr. Qilin.😊

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