Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

This article on Equinity 03: Breach is a Horse Music Herald collab piece, co-written by Canatime, Cynifree and DrakeEmberHeart.

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Since Equinity’s rebirth from another label’s ashes, their compilation albums have been one of the most solid staples for quality music in the fandom. This new installment is evidently no exception, and old-school mainstays as well as pleasant surprises turned up to make a varied assortment of undeniable bangers! I didn’t come alone, please welcome Cynifree and Drake!

Thanks Cana. Equinity is back at it again with their third album, Breach! Always a delightful treat when it comes to the melting pot of talent and genres ranging everywhere from the aesthetic lo-fi and synthwave genres, to energetic hardcore and groovy house tracks, and deep and laid back pieces alike. I wanted to showcase a sample of this diversity with my song choices, many of which hit just a little bit different and have personally sent me on an emotional roller coaster throughout the album. I pass this to Drake!

Canatime and Cynifree, thank you for coming along with me on this my friends. If there is one thing I can say about Equinity 03, is that it is an album that really embodies its theme. Breach is about breaking through, taking risks. Throughout this whole album, musicians have gone way out of their comfort zones to try new genres, new styles, be creative in their music making to fuse their styles together and flow with each other! Even proving that it doesn’t have to be pony themed to be magical. There are tracks that take moments from the show, like diving deep into Sweetie Belle’s mind, Princess Luna looking at her past in much needed reflective way and recounting the first appearance of Discord plus other characters: beloved moments of the show, told in much different ways with unique styles they are presented in. These five tracks I’ve decided to feature strongly showcase the dynamite of this album. There is so much creativity that it’s hard to just pick 5 tracks. But I’m going to stop talking. Let’s have a look here.

The three of us have selected 15 tracks out of the album’s total 39 to showcase what it brings to the table. Bur mark our words, my fellow bronies, we are only touching the surface of this album’s magic!

Canatime’s featured 5!

Various Artists – BREACH | Multi-Genre

The album opens with the mega-collab “BREACH”, organized by Power Note and featuring twelve artists. One can try and guess who did what part, the solution is in the description of this video. The musicians were given a key, a tempo and a lot of freedom. The result is a wide array of genres coalescing nonetheless into a structured track, each part bringing something interesting to the table.

Paloris (feat. ThatMusicBrony) – Lord Of Chaos | Midtempo

Seeing Paloris and ThatMusicBrony together in a track is heartening, especially since we know what they’re capable of (cf. “Waiting” from Ponies at Dawn – Ignite). The track is made up of very distinct parts, starting with a classic show clip from “The Return Of Harmony”, then, a banging midtempo drop hits, reminiscent of Rezz’ style. After that we get to hear TMB’s gorgeous vocals, beautifully completing Paloris’ instrumental. Near the end, a melodic drop hits just when it should with amazing chord stacks.

Single Purpose – Blue Coated Smug Horse VIP | Neurohop

Single Purpose had made his marks in Neurofunk and Glitch Hop (see his remix of Tripon’s Titan and the original version of this track from P@D – Skyward respectively), so seeing him mix the two together is very welcome. This track has everything: a delightful reese bass, incredibly mixed drums, a smooth lead and even cheeky vocal chops, all of which create bold textures akin to Trixie’s impudence.

氷熊- solace | Symphonic Drumfunk

Drumfunk is a rare genre already, but including so many orchestral elements in it is even rarer. The song tells a very personal story written in the description of the YouTube upload. The highlight of the track is definitely the drums, but the choirs and strings work very well in conjunction with them. This track has InklingBear’s style written all over it and it brings solace seeing him make music again.

Blackened Blue – Maybe (feat. MC-Arch) (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Nu Metal

Maybe” by Blackened and featuring MC-Arch from A State of Sugar: Brownie was amazing. Tw3Lv3 built upon the strengths of the original and added a personal touch to it using her lengthy experience with metal and rock. The drum beat is new and the vocals are more in the foreground, furthermore, you can hear her playing the guitar and the drums making for a very solid tune paying tribute to Linkin Park.

Cynifree’s featured 5!

Hiveminds – Payload | Breakbeat / Psytrance

Hiveminds’s “Payload” is an interesting oddity. Starting off with a very abstract mix of guitars, breakbeats and warped synths, this track grabbed my attention for its uniqueness as it consistently builds and evolves before breaking off into a satisfying and concussive psytrance progression. I’m a huge sucker for both of these genres and the way they seamlessly blend breaks and psy, constantly switching up the vibe while still bending the atmosphere and soundscape on a whim is something I greatly appreciate in tracks like this. There is never a dull moment here and is easily one of my favorites on the album!

Ebunix & Single Purpose – Till Tomorrow | Synthwave

Speaking of atmospheres and vibes, another track I fell in love with was the blissful retroesque “Till Tomorrow” from Ebunix & Single Purpose! The ghostly vocal chops mixed with the 80’s synths, arps and a very driving deep bassline, this one captures everything I like about synthwave. Absolutely perfect for getting immersed and going along for the ride!

Vintage Millennial – screensaver 95 | Chillout / Breakbeat

Vintage‘s “screensaver 95” is a very chilled out track. With soothing chord pads, mellow guitar melodies and an intricate, yet subtle percussive element. It’s a very complex song despite its laid back demeanor. With polyphony and a multitude of melodies cropping in and out, everything harmonizes very well together and it reminds me of some classic videogame that I’ve never played as a kid. Very nostalgic and familiar feeling. You’ve gotta hear it to see what I mean!

Canvas & Single Purpose – Ukiyo | Liquid Drum & Bass

Another really laid back track I adored from the album was “Ukiyo”: the second to last track of Breach. The out of this world feel I get from the first few seconds alone, the ethereal whispers and strings followed along by a gentle breeze and the chirps of birds. I really feel like I’m standing at the edge of the world. When the meat of the track comes in, its just, wow! This is one of those tracks where it’s hard to describe it. It’s more of a feeling to me. There is so much I want to say when it comes to this, but can’t put into words. This is liquid DnB at its finest!

Totalspark – My Design (feat. Alex Delzer) | Future Garage

Onto the closing track of the album, “My Design” keeps up the spaced out and ethereal vibe of the previous track. An infectious drumline, a melancholic piano melody, and emotional vocals, Totalspark and Alex Delzer really delivered. Wanting to be free from smothering thoughts, yet it’s just so easy to let it fester and corrupt. This is how I interpret this track, a very relatable feeling in today’s world and just the sense of longing alone really makes this an attractive note to end on.

DrakeEmberHeart’s featured 5!

Suskii – CRYSTAL ソンブラ | Dubstep / Metalcore

Track 2 of the whole album really amps up the fear and anxiety of one “book horse’s” mission to help the crystal empire. Taking Twilight’s fears of the season 3 premiere, Suskii’s twisting style of dubstep perfectly highlights the fear and doubts of Twilight’s mood with stomach churning bass and beats. That fear hits its peak, as the notion of King Sombra comes into the mix. Suskii’s vocal talent speaks for Twilight with great emotion as the song shifts right into metalcore. That anxiety comes roaring out in Suskii’s screaming and heavy guitar. The best track on the album for me because of how both styles flow together. Brownie points for the use of vocal chops for a great mood setter too. Give Suskii some love for this one.

Quorak – Never Look Back | Happy Hardcore

For many musicians in this fandom, one of the goals of making music is striving to be better, be consistent, and stay hungry. For one Quorak or better known as Whirly Tail to those in the brony music scene has found that! His story about this track is of his breakout moments of the past year. Track 15 of this album showcases the best things about his talent and the crazy and uplifting pace of his brand of happy hardcore. The powerful beats of positivity, the mix of crazy wild waffling sirens that give his music the flavor of what I like to call “controlled insanity”. The melodies of triumph of his turning points coming full circle after making it in albums like P@D – ignite. The mood he sets with this track is very simple and is the turning point of his exciting future as a musician. Listen well to the elements he brings in this song, it’s why he is on another level and will never look back. Hence the title. He does show that a song doesn’t need to be pony themed for it to be amazing!

NitroBrony – Meliora | Progressive House

What a glorious song! Fitting for its meaning: “meliora is Latin for to ameliorate, to improve”. One could say this is in line with a lot of the creative works on this album. At track 23, the melodies are a rich blend of wondrous keyboard nodes and traveling harmonies, rich in this euphoria of powerful elements. It’s like you’re on a plane traveling to a new part of your journey. It’s so reminiscent of something out of “Never Ending Story”. Another non pony song that showcases on how just it doesn’t have to be under that theme to be amazing. It is in line with so many artists trying new things with their talents! Check it out!

LaunchSix – Pastel Hearts | Progressive House

This is one of the more surprising tracks on the album. The composition is full of melodies and drops that bring feelings of happiness, serenity, victory, excitement and the feeling of being on a journey. The bubbly xylophone chimes that sound like peaceful droplets add to those harmonies. This song is about love, and for one person that means a lot to LaunchSix, Sailor, as I learned from her and his friends. Remember me saying about musicians getting out of their comfort zones? Launch’s track here deserves to be highlighted because it is way out of what he is known for with his deep and angry dubstep style. The theme of the album is breaching into things, taking risks. Check this lighter fare from Six!

Proto_ssin – Should I | Liquid Drum & Bass

Why, this is another song about Princess Luna. This feels like Luna is in the dream realm looking back and reflecting on a life changing moment of clarity. This track is gorgeous in creating this environment, it feels like hollow ground for the princess. The melodies are pretty appropriate to tell that story as well as the heartbeat synths and the array elements like the haunting electronic bells and chimes. Epic sounding keyboard nodes and the swift mythical drums beats. It’s no wonder you can picture Luna looking into these memories, knowing that she had won this day. The pace with those drums just screams overcoming the odds. With magical use of Twilight and Luna’s vocal chops it all contributes to create this image of Luna seeing how things started her long character ark of forgiving herself of her sins as Nightmare Moon in season 5. This was nice use of elements to musically tell that.

Other notable tracks I loved: “BREACH”, “Backdoor”, “Lord of Chaos”, “Power Ponies”, “You are my star” (Jalmaan remix), “LasPalmas”, “Maybe” (Tw3Lv3 remix), “Her Plan” and more.

Please check out the whole album and see if you can tell for yourself. As always, this Qilin asks you to decide for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Various Artists – Equinity 03: Breach | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

  1. Piximal64 says:

    I’ve listened to a few tracks already, and it seems to be very good. My favorite so far is LasPlasmas by Steryotype, with its lo-fi music and smooth beat. Her Plan by FilledSilhouette is another great song too. It’s also smooth, but with a more “groovy” high energy. And it seems like everyone here has a lot of good things to say about the other tracks. Kudos to everyone for making this, and to those who made the album.I believe everyone will find something they like when they listen to this. 👍😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

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