SDreamExplorerS – Ildy pad Ružovymi Kryłami (feat. Velvet R. Wings, Koron Korak & Pavel Lipski) | Folk Metal

SDreamExplorerS or Soul Strings is about to release a new album, Ephemeral III: Imhnieńnie Ščaścia, a folk metal album with vocals in Belarussian and the third part of the Ephemeral circle. It will release on the 28th of August, but pre-orders are available. Alternatively, bandcamp will cut out its fees on the 4th of September, which is a great opportunity to support awesome artists like SDreamExplorerS. This track is a single from the upcoming album. As per usual from him, there’s a lot to listen to in the song, including plenty of acoustic intruments like Koron Korak‘s violin or the dulcimer programmed by Pavel Lipski, all professionaly mixed. And as always, Velvet R. Wings and Soul Strings’ vocals work together beautifully despite being polar opposites, each vocalist getting a solo part too.


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