RedSpark – The letter and a journey ahead | Orchestral

Endeavors both literary and musical at the same time are scarce, but always appreciated. This kind of art piece is precisely what Red Spark began with their fanfiction and symphonic poem A tale of Starlight. “The letter and a journey ahead” is the second movement of the symphony, meant to be played while reading “Information and the Journey ahead,” the second chapter of the fanfiction. Taking inspiration from film scores, Red Spark depicts the fears of Starlight and Trixie embarking on their journey, but also their excitement as the song becomes brighter halfway through.


2 thoughts on “RedSpark – The letter and a journey ahead | Orchestral

  1. Moonlight Rainbow says:

    beautiful, once again canatime depicts exactly how I feel when I listen to this music, while there are some grammatical pitfalls and sentence structure malfunctions, the overall article is indicative of why I frequent this site, informative and robust as expected of this fine fancy Frenchman.


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