Straight From The Heart – Pony Swag 2020 | Hip-Hop

hmh language

Song contains a fair usage of adult language, you have been warned!

(Listen to the original megamix here from the dawn of the fandom)
Welcome to the Brony Equivalate of “Rapper’s Delight”! The boys of S.F.T.H have joined the theme of redoing a fandom classic and giving it a modern spin. The result? A passionate fandom anthem with improved production quality thanks to the mixing of Nevermourn. Each of 13 rappers, from fandom vets and legends to current stars of the brony rap scene, come together and speak of how even after 9 years it will always be Brony4life! Below is a breakdown of their life changing times in the Brony Hip Hop Scene!

Doodled – Speaks of the start of the fandom, the memories of brony meetups, and the positivity of the fandom for him.

N. Hollow – Speaks of the amazing creativity that the show inspired him to rap about and how he didn’t foresee the impact brony rap would have on him. His status as a brony hip hop legend speaks clearly to those influences!

J.Free – Starts off by making fun of all the people that want in on the “HORSE Fame” the musicians have but then gets real about how much fandom has given him, how much he has seen and heard in his many years going to cons, and MCing brony concerts.

Pony Abstract – Speaks on how after 9 years the show still gives him the fire to create, his fond memories of favorite fan creations like Snowdrop, and how being a brony is pretty chill now.

Shobie Shy – Fires off about helping the brony rap scene and how even fandom drama will never make him leave a fandom that helped him grow and speak truths.

MC-Arch – Passionately rhymes about how this fandom has saved so many bronies lives, how there is no place for fake people or fans in a place were true bronies wear the elements of harmony like a badge of honor, and what the Mane 6 has done for every brony.

Blitz – Speak about the show’s wacky characters over the years, the zaniness they brought with them, how much fun it was making music for this fandom, and the challenges of trying to also make non-pony content.

Acarcion – Speaks about the end of Friendship is Magic, how the fandom has struggled with it, how the coming of Pony Life could be just what we need, and standing together still as a fandom.

Dihedral – Talks about keeping the fire going long after the series finale, finding his own unique style  and how in the tough times, this fandom needs to talk more than fight.

Nexgen – The long-time fandom vet speaks about how odd we are as fandom, still finding his edge to keep up his skills, and how everyone around him needs to step up as well and find their passion even when it can be challenging mentally.

Versal– Even OG’s of the rap scene have come out for this track! Versal speaks of setting the tone for others to come after him ,how it was just lighting in a bottle when he first started trying to make brony hip hop, and how he loved it so much that he kept doing it!

BLANK3T – The strange boi speaks from the heart and with Brony Pride about the fandom 9 years later, how this party is not stopping for many fans anytime soon. Give him credit for throwing down when he’s not a rapper himself!

Kozzy – He talks about the amazing creative works of this fandom,how they inspired him to try his hand at Brony Hip Hop, and how it changed everything for him! 9 years later, he is not going anywhere, and haters can stay in the dirt.

Bolt – Who knew this dude could go! He closes the track with a message that is simple and true. The fandom changed his life, opened new doors, and gave him and so many others such joy while introducing them to so many wonderful people. His message speaks for so many who have been lucky enough to be involved in the fandom

This was a track that brought me such joy hearing these guys shoot such fire about how much they love this fandom. The brony spirit and love came through throughout. It was a rap song that brought tears to my eyes. This mega collab was such a joy to listen to because, hands down, it shows just how much better the production has gotten over the years in music making. No contest honestly for me between this and the original. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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