DAϟH x Fantasy – 1,000 Year Old Equine Remains – The Remix EP | Multi-Genre

Now this is a fun little EP here! The topic of choice is Luna’s shift into Nightmare Moon.
Evident by the use of vocal chops throughout the EP, that takes a different twist on the event based on the genres used. DAϟH and his friends at Equestrian Terror Corps dive into the realm of experimentation. The outcome is a small group of tracks that puts a different set of emotion on the event. Let’s have a look at this fun little project.

(Continued after the break)

-DAϟH x Fantasy (Original Mix) – Ambient gabber/Terrorcore

Boy, does DAϟH sure know how to build a time bomb with the composition of the original! Starting off with this foggy and groggy sounding ambient noise, the gabber elements start setting the tone of Luna about to snap until you hear very distorted vocal chops of Luna and Nightmare Moon. The terrorcore half then launches into the mix as to symbolize that Nightmare Moon has come back at last, and all hell breaks loose with nightmarish melody!

Snake’s Owwie remix – Noise Fusion Hardcore

So what would it be like in the dream realm with Nightmare Moon after she has come back? You kinda get that vibe here. The dark and creepy screeching sounds are a really nice touch. The ins and outs of the different dreams, sounds like places you do not want to be in. The hardcore elements sell the terror along with the frighting vocal chops. A short, but scary remix.

Acid Applejack remix – Hardcore

This remix reminds me of Nightmare Moon using her own brand of chaos to make things interesting. She can be heard laughing as she and Celestia have that showdown on that very night. The hardcore elements used here to me could be a representation of the very night when Celestia had to banish her sister!

Springbaka PsyGqom remix – Experimental
We close out this EP with the most unique sounding of the remixes. This feels like Nightmare Moon giving chase to Celestia after changing into Nightmare Moon. The electric bongos and creepy sound chimes with the pulsing melodies are pretty cool here. You just have to listen to it; it’s kinda hard to describe with just words.

The bronies over at ETC keep trying different creative ways of making music and this EP is a fine example of that! No more needs to be said. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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