Bayanic – Hadron Sonata | Progressive Rock

In the means of revamping past songs for an improved effort of production, Bayanic has pledged to recompose his Equinelibrium album. Off to a great start with this really catchy song if you ask me. This one creates an OST-like sound by mixing some old school techno elements, along with pleasing keyboards tones and some really fun Prog Rock guitars and drums. The melody dances around to some extremely catchy music that you just want to go for a power walk while doing the grocery shopping!  I want to hear more! As always, this Qilin asks you  to judge for yourself. –


2 thoughts on “Bayanic – Hadron Sonata | Progressive Rock

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This feels like a mix-mash if different rhythms and tunes put together in an experimental composition; yet surprisingly it works! There are a lot of fun tunes and sounds during this piece that makes you want to groove a bit, which makes it fun to listen to. Mr Qilin’s description is spot on; this is definitely music you’d listen to when you wanna do a chore or activity, if just to make it more interesting.

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