StableTwoStallion – Böse Stuten (Koron Korak Remix) | Dark Synth

(Listen to the original here!)

Translated to “Bad Mares”. Korak said over a hundred hours were put into making this track. If you ask this metalhead’s opinion, I will tell you that everything going on here is awesome! The dark and hard goth metal sound was not replaced but integrated into the dirty and grinding synths, but that’s not all! We got chainsaws and this wonderful and chilling symphony organ at work here. The electronic elements complement the unsettling feel of this track so well, yet however with a hollow sounding choir in the background and those awesome lyrics in German. It feels like you walked into a buzzsaw of twisted MLP characters. This would also work out great in a fight scene in a grimdark fanfic honestly. Grimdark narrators, take note of this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “StableTwoStallion – Böse Stuten (Koron Korak Remix) | Dark Synth

  1. Piximal64 says:

    I’ll admit, this song’s hard core-choppy rhythm isn’t my cup of tea. It definitely has some good, dark elements to it like Mr. Qilin describes, and I can see why some people would love this type music. I’m sadly just not one of them. Despite that, I can definitely tell hard work was put into this. Again, not my thing, but it’s good to know that others would enjoy this.🙂


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