[Equinity] Proto_ssin & Tw3Lv3 – Sinking Solitude VIP (Extended) | Chillout

Proto_ssin and Tw3Lv3 combine forces to create an outstanding song highlighting an emotionally charged and pivotal moment from MLP: The Movie. The instrumental elements create a somber, echoey ambience that sets an amazing thematic tone for the track, preparing the listener to consider a particularly difficult memory. The use of vocals from both “Catchy Song” (from the episode “The Perfect Pear”) and “One Small Thing” (from the movie) may seem surprising choices considering their upbeat nature, but in this context they help to create a dichotomy between Twilight’s typically amazing friendship with the rest of the Mane 6 and the betrayal that they feel when she goes behind their back to try and steal Queen Novo’s pearl. The video makes use of some great art and clips from the movie, and they pair beautifully with the song to heighten its impact. This VIP version adds even more into the first half of the song (including additional samples from the episode “The Perfect Pear”) which sets up the impactful moments of the second half even more. A great effort from two artists whose styles definitely compliment each other well!


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