FritzyBeat & Steven, A.D. – The Day the Sun Dies | Electropop

We are going to be a little less serious here with the next track. There is something really wholesome to this track. Fritzy promised Steven he would finish this track, and 4 years later, that promise was fulfilled ( The whole story is in description of the video)! The song is really catchy with surprisingly swell melodies and gives it to Fritzy to throw down some bars with some rhymes! The song itself is about Celestia retiring and funnily enough, how Steven predicted the outcome of FiM. The song is quite humorous. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. I’d like to add that old style fandom music doesn’t always mean outdated though.


3 thoughts on “FritzyBeat & Steven, A.D. – The Day the Sun Dies | Electropop

  1. Piximal64 says:

    I thought this was good. The music was fun, and the lyrics were pretty good, though parts sounded a little weird. Overall, this was fun, and is a nice distraction from current turmoil in the world. Plus I love the artwork in the background; absolutely fitting! I agree Mr Qilin, it is quite humorous. 😄👍

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