Toby Macarony – Cloudsdale Sunset | Alternate Electronic

Another fantastic track from Toby Macarony’s wonderfully inventive Shenanigans Two album, “Cloudsdale Sunset” began life as a chiptune/electronic track and morphed into a funky electronic jam that somehow blends guitar, saxophone, vocal chops, vocoder voices, and “epic choirs”! The electronic elements keep the song bouncing and buzzing along, but the other components masterfully support them, especially the saxophone, either layered in with the main melody or having strong moments of their own. The adroit composition billows into glorious walls of noise that send the listener careening through the clouds and rainbow waterfalls. TM’s distinctive vocal elements skip along with the blissful music, and they even cleverly repurpose Fluttershy’s “So Many Wonders“, formerly an profession of love for life on the ground, for the chorus! After listening, you just may want to start looking for a room in the Cloudominium!



2 thoughts on “Toby Macarony – Cloudsdale Sunset | Alternate Electronic

  1. Piximal64 says:

    First of all, nice description, very well done. 👍
    As for the song, it’s good, and I can tell hard work went into it. I just don’t think it’s quite my thing . Mostly because of the constant “buzzing” in the music that started to hurt my ears after a while. Again, not my cup of tea, but I can see the effort that went into making this, and why others would definitely enjoy this little beat. 🙂

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    • Thanks Pixmal64!! I really appreciate the feedback and for being my first comment ever! You rock!

      That’s definitely a fair take on the song. It certainly is “buzzy”! I absolutely respect that piling all of that sound into a song won’t work for everyone, and it may even be one of those songs that sounds great to someone one day and not so much the next. It’s all good! Thanks for giving it a listen and for commenting! Have a wonderful day!


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