[Equinity] Power Note – Backdoor | Techno

This right here is a genre that needs to be shown off in the fandom more often! This 100% good ol’ fashion techno. It goes right into the theme of Equinity 3. The awesome melody embodies the mascot of the label trying to make a great escape from a grand heist. The beats and effects really push the tempo on the drama of this story. Each of the effects, like the use of the keyboard notes, the rumbling and rolling pace and even the harmonies used as well are nice. The pounding bass with the grindy buzz sounds like an alarm system going off and she has to swiftly leave before she is trapped. Oh, and a nice little easter egg at the end there as well. Techno still is one of the best genres of electronic music and needs to be used so much more in my opinion. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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