[Equinity] Single Purpose – Blue Coated Smug Horse VIP | Glitch-Hop

So how do you make a track better when it was already featured on P@D: Skyward? (You can listen to that track here). I’d say this is upping the game here. 
So… If you like a track about how annoying Trixie is, then here you go, fans of Trixie. As said by my colleague Canatime in our in Equinity 3 album review, the track is full of elements that really highlight Trixie’s personality traits, being that they are annoying and cute at the same time. As said by him, a delightful reese bass sound, incredibly mixed drums, a smooth lead and even cheeky vocal chop all highlight Trixie’s character in a well composed package. Single Purpose sure has a winner here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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