Pinkamena Party – FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY | Compilation Album | Breakcore

Ladies ‘n’ gents, prepare yourself mentally, for an event regarding Pinkamena Party Crew’s new release, FLUTTERSHY’S PARADOXICALLY SOFT HARDCORE TEA PARTY! And what better way to peruse this album’s contents than to let the familiar name and voice of Venetian Snares guide you through the first track, Venetian Snares Teaches Fluttershy the Magic of Breakcore by Fetlocked? Fluttershy’s melodic lines in the aforementioned piece is immediately followed by the ambient, electronica-esque track first time under by cataidana & Enny Gima. For more of that sweet electronica nectar, follow up first time under with the Downtempo track Anti Depressants by Srgt. Moon. If noise is in your roster, check out the ambient noise track Feeding Antoine by So?ing Machine. Satisfy your natural cravings for syncopation with the Think-Break-populated, frantic masterpiece HACKD HAS BEEN TRAPPED IN A TIME LOOP SINCE BUCK 2014 AND LIFE & DEATH HAVE LOST ALL MEANING FOR HE SHALL KNOW THE RELIEF OF NEITHER by mycutiemarkisagun. Personally, I think the song would fare better with a longer title, but to each their own. Speaking of length, Heart & Blood by Xinovah is an eleven minute long piece containing haunting, goosepimple-giving melodies, lively gabber kicks, and even more hectic rhythms. To cut up the poignancy of Heart and Blood, you can subsequently listen to Kakofonous A. Dischord delete a message from a toy shop employee. And there is no better way to conclude the mania of the 29-track beaut that is this album, than to listen to asmr tea party with a magician by 16194. As always, proceeds from this album are donated to a worthy cause. This time around, it’s various organizations fighting for racial justice in the U.S.


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