[ASOS] Burning Gryphon – Hate (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Bree, Scoonie and Stallionslaughter) | Metalcore/Deathcore

What a debut track for his first major compilation album! Burning Gryphon has been making himself known in 2020 with his live sets over the number of online pony conventions. Now he steps into a huge stage on ASOS: Chocolate!

Not holding back in this deep and angry track, he was inspired by Starlight Glimmer’s lesson in not holding your feelings in. The track is based on personal life experience, and boy, is it not for the faint of heart. The deep and howling melodies go with this harsh track about BG dealing with emotions that he had long suppressed and much like what happened with Starlight, it has done a number on him. The guitars and drums are hard and full of spite. There is this epic and haunting melody to go with those lyrics, really driving home this feeling of anger and sorrow in these elements.

Speaking of that, BG composed the music and wrote the song, but it’s the guest vocalists that bring it to life. Bree sets up both verses with spoken word inserts, with Scoonie and Stallionslaughter joining them in the emotional growls of those heavy lyrics. So heated and hardcore! With the chorus, the one and only PrinceWhateverer lends his powerful voice into the mix with everyone else, expressing the emotional message of anger. The clean and screaming vocals work so well. BG knows what he’s doing I tell ya. Don’t sleep on him now.

Oh, and a couple fun facts about this song. The album also marks the first compilation album Stallionslaughter has been on, as well as Prince’s first time on ASOS and Bree’s first compilation album in the fandom. What a historic track! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “[ASOS] Burning Gryphon – Hate (feat. PrinceWhateverer, Bree, Scoonie and Stallionslaughter) | Metalcore/Deathcore

  1. Well, this certainly had a lot of effort put into it. But this honestly wasn’t my style with the deep screaming voices but the music behind the scenes sounded pretty decent. Sorry, just not my cup of tea.

    But you did well in telling me about the song in the article, Drake. 🙂


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