[ASOS] Single Purpose – I Have To VIP | Future Garage

(Listen to the original for P@D: Eternal Here)

You want to talk about stepping up your game with a remake of your own work? While the original is an emotional D&B track about the Twilight mistake in “Magical Mystery Cure”, this VIP track… just… Woah. What a treat for ASOS: Chocolate. The methodical and deep emotional atmosphere replaces the pace of the original. Those vocal chops just give you goosebumps. The rhythm is surprisingly very fun and lets you get into the groove to move around like you’re in a dream. The little sounds and elements mixed in… Wow, it’s like you’re standing there at her door with the sun coming down in her window, watching her ponder on how to fix this problem with her friend’s Cutie Marks! Bravo SP! One of my favorites so far on this album! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. 


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