[ASOS] loophoof & NeverLastStanding – Have Here (TCB Remix) | Future Bass

(You can hear the original here!)

Keeping it going with the singles from ASOS: Chocolate, we have a very curious effort done by the always creative TCB! This was made during one of his music making streams, mind you! He’s remixed a track done by two of the very best in electronic music making in our fandom; how do you make that better on your own? Just preposterous!

Nah, TCB has got you. The first track on this album, he turns a very mellow and happy song into something with the excitement you expect from something themed around Pinkie Pie. He has transformed this song into something just hard, smooth and stylish! All of loophoof’s and NLS elements are in place, don’t you worry about that! There’s just more flavor built around the core elements. There are some more colorful vocal chops, and even makes use of a Pony Life sample, that being Fluttershy yelling “Noice!” There is this really nice deep rumbling bass that you just want to move too, and even a guitar solo! Oh, how about that melody that’s like smooth orchestra synth all through this track? Just… Woah! The remix was put together with such care. Again, this was composed on a stream, and it managed to make the cut to be on this album. He sprinkles in some other fun elements just to give track some polish. As I said, TCB aims to please with a smooth track about Pinkie Pie! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “[ASOS] loophoof & NeverLastStanding – Have Here (TCB Remix) | Future Bass

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    This was a decent track but it was a little choppy and jarring to me. Good music and Fluttershy’s “Noice” was cool. 🙂 But it wasn’t my style, unfortunately.

    I also listened to the original and it had a smoother pace and music. Hearing the same line over and over in some places was a little jarring but it was a pleasant one to listen to. 🙂


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