[ASOS] NeverLastStanding – Your Friend (Paloris & Ponyman Remix) | Future Bass

Nothing makes me happier than when a song can utilize a speech seamlessly in a song.
Twilight’s coronation speech is the perfect fit here both contextually and emotionally. Intricate and bright vocal chops melded with a vibe-y and mellow bassline, the speech opening the track, just brings about that sense of joy and longing and really plays with the heartstrings! One thing I love about this specific style of Future Bass is how laid back, yet powerful it is! Fun samples, but you can FEEL the energy in the mix, yet its not in your face. I enjoy the original a lot for its high energy and pumping beat and this takes it in a whole new direction! A State of Sugar just keeps on supplying the goods and this box of chocolate has many surprises in store. You can check out the rest of A State of Sugar’s new album, ‘Chocolate’ right here!


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