Vylet Pony – Hyperion (feat. loophoof) | Progressive Electronic

A dream collab in many bronies’ eyes. Two of the very best in the brony music community at the art of telling stories with their music. There is clearly some Asian inspiration in the tone of this track. The story comes from Vylet’s upcoming album Super Pony World: Fairytails, with this being the 14th track.

The track centers around her OC in combat with a character called Hyperion (there’s going to be a full fanfic that comes alongside the album when it comes out!). There are all kinds of elements of different genres mixed into this complex track: ambient, orchestra, drumstep and loophoof‘s signature electro house sound; the soft and tension-filled melodies with the flute really permeate. Speaking of loophoof, his presence is felt all throughout this track with those sweet harmonies that he loves to do, filling the track with emotion with his trusty LaunchPad! Then you have some sweet keyboard tones as the track picks up in pace. It’s hard to really put it into words as there is so much going on, but there is no mistake! The combo of Vylet’s singing voice and her mixing with loophoof’s breathtaking ability to add so much emotional depth to his melodies really make it feel like an electronic music orchestra here! It really does tell the story of a fight and conflict going on. The pony vocal samples, the rough elements, the pace of track come together well as these two endure this fight and start asking questions. The finale of the track is a pretty good example of the chaos of a fight going on. With Vylet being the music genius she is, getting everything to mesh and flow together, it paints that picture very well. My bronies, just listen to the musical magic at work here. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Vylet Pony – Hyperion (feat. loophoof) | Progressive Electronic

  1. MLPfan1907 says:

    Okay, this one was good. 🙂 It had a fun and energetic tone as a conflict was going on. The singer was good and her voice flowed rather smoothly within it all. The music was a little jarring around the 1 minute and 3:30 marks, but I enjoyed this one. 😀

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