[ASOS] Tw3lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa and MC-Arch) | Progressive House

The lineup of musicians assembled for this collaboration seems like the answer to a challenge: Assemble a group of current fandom musicians that are not only talented and accomplished artists but also great ambassadors for the fandom and values to which the community aspires. Okay, now have that lineup write a fantastic song about how even small acts of kindness and friendship can have a huge impact on someone’s life. If there is an “Elements of Harmony Award”, then give it to this group, because that challenge has been thoroughly met! One of my favorite things about the fandom is how well musicians collaborate together and how collaborations are often so successful at melding the talents of their contributors, and this song is a prime example of that! First, the ultra smooth, vibrant, uplifting backbone of the song, the music that Tw3lv3 has created, lends itself so well to each successive contribution. Then come Koa’s fantastic vocals, which echo the wonderful song “One Small Thing” from “MLP: The Movie” and its amazing duet between Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar. This message is one that especially resonates with Tw3lv3 and has so many echoes with her own journey as a musician in the fandom. These lyrics and her story is an amazing testament to the power of inclusion, of helping each other and finding ways to grow individually and collectively. MC-Arch then contributes his own amazing vocals, and it seems appropriate to have this message of perseverance come from someone who is continually advocating for more positive interactions within the community. Last (but in no way least) Drummershy lends his considerable percussive proficiency to the mix, creating an excellent passage of drumming that, as with the vocals in the song, stands out on its own before being swirled into the blissful mix. As the song sounds its final triumphant beats and the final notes soar and softly dissipate, it certainly feels as though a journey has begun, forged from struggle, fired by friendship, and triumphantly climbing onward.


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