[PP] AnimatronicPony – Fluttershy’s Tea Party | Hardstyle

If music that screams grimdark is more your style, then come on in! AnimatronicPony gives shy and timid Fluttershy the possessed and psychopath flavor for track 17 of Pinkamena Party 8. Oh dear! You’ve walked right into a party where it sounds like Fluttershy wants a little bit more than just your company, and she invites you to come out to her shed. The deep and haunting bass, the unsettling hard synths and that pounding harmonic bassline all give this track the aggressive taste it has. Sure makes ya think about what you just walked into and how to GET OUT! The video that comes with this track makes that point pretty clear. Flutters is upping her game in trying to scare her friends. The bronies over at Pinkamena Party always aim to please and bring the heavy and hard to this music community. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “[PP] AnimatronicPony – Fluttershy’s Tea Party | Hardstyle

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