Rubber – Equestria, 1:10AM (feat. ZD) (Prod. Prod Odist) | Hip-Hop

Rubber continues their run of strong hip-hop offerings with this fourth-wall-breaking collaboration with longtime fandom videographer and rapper ZD that was mixed and mastered by Nevermourn. Together they take a delightfully dark look at the unsettling and dangerous streets of Equestria in the early hours of the morning. Rubber’s and ZD’s creative lyrics flow nicely over the music box melody and beats. There’s even a great section where ZD delivers a spoken passage that has an awesome horror film vibe, which is a nice touch. The whole delivery works amazingly well with Rubber’s artwork, which manages at once to be comical and unsettling. A great offering for fans of hip-hop and anyone who likes their Equestrian music a little on the dark side!

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